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Make them sparkle – Tile Cleaning 101.


Tile cleaning can become a tiresome task and the techniques you would use can vary depending on the type of tile you have. Say goodbye to stains, grease and grime and hello to clean, sparkling, and protected tiled surfaces – it’s time to shine!

Whether ceramic, stone, metal or glass, Plush Supreme’s Tile Cleaners washes tiles with no dulling residue, revealing their natural beauty. Here are a few tips from Plush on how to keep your tiled surfaces in tip top shape, using Plush Supreme Tile Cleaners:


  1. Sweep or vacuum the floor.
  2. Dilute three caps of your favourite Plush Supreme Tile Cleaner in a bucket of 3.5 litres of warm water. Clean tiled area with a damp mop or cloth.
  3. When using Plush Supreme Tile Cleaners it is not necessary to rinse the floor, but should you wish to do so, rinse the floor with clean warm water after you are done washing it.
  4. Open doors and windows and leave cleaned tile area to dry.


  • Sweep or vacuum your tile floor at least once a week. This will remove loose dirt, stones and other pieces of filth that may cause grime stains that are harder to remove.
  • Hand washing and drying one section of the tile floor at a time often provides better results than mopping.
  • You can also purchase a grout brush from the hardware store that is designed for cleaning grout on tile floors.

Cleaning tile grout

With many colours, textures, tiles sizes, and materials available, in most cases tiles are easy to maintain and clean.  The bigger challenge in most cases is the cleaning of the grout.

  1. Mix a 75/25 solution of bleach and water if your grout is white. If the grout is coloured, you will have to use plain water. Do not use bleach on coloured grout as it may remove the colouring.
  2. Use a toothbrush or the edge of a sponge to clean the grout with the solution. Take care not to get the bleach solution on the tiles.
  3. Rinse the floor with warm water after you are done to remove all traces of bleach
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