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Wooden Furniture Care 101.

wooden Furniture oil

Caring for your outdoor furniture is as crucial as the initial purchase. The type of care that it needs depends on the type and quality of material used, and the weather conditions it resides in. Plush shares some tips on how to get your tired wooden furniture pieces looking fresh again:

  1. For wooden furniture, it is important to clean the wood if the furniture is dirty or has mould, algae or mildew on it. Regular cleaning is important for any wooden furniture, no matter the quality of the wood.
  2. Should sanding be required, it is important to use a sand paper that will not be too rough on the wood. Often if lower grades of wood are not sanded and left untreated, they become rough and dry, similar to driftwood.
  3. The final step is to oil the piece. The importance of using furniture oil which is specially made for the type of wood utilised in your outdoor furniture is often overlooked. It is just as vital to follow the specific instructions given on the bottle, as these may often vary.
  4. Use a brush to apply the oil. The oil should be left to set as this will allow the grain to be seen more clearly. The number of coats applied will depend on the level of denseness desired, however one or two coats is usually enough.

Make use of Plush Wooden Furniture Oil - a suitable accessory to any wooden furniture, as it will nourish and protect the wood, giving your patio a beautiful, natural finish.

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