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Inside the Leather.

Inside the Leather

The relationship between golf and leather is steeped in history, with many interesting anecdotes originating due to this relationship. None more so than the meaning of “inside the leather”. As experts in professional leather care and being keen golfers, the team at Plush found this story especially interesting.

Originally the grip was composed of leather straps wrapped around the shaft, and this is where this term originated. The question of “How long is your putt?”, would trigger the answer, “It’s inside the leather”. This refers to the distance of a golf ball to the hole when the ball is resting on the putting green close to the hole.  The ball is considered “inside the leather” if the ball lies somewhere between the bottom of the putter grip and the putter’s clubhead.

To measure the distance, the putter clubhead is placed in the hole, with the club lying on the green. If the ball is between the hole and the bottom of the grip, it is considered “inside the leather”.  The actual distance is immaterial, as long as it falls within this part of the club length. This could be used in a game between friends as a way to save time, whereby a “gimme” is used.

A “gimme” is not recognised in stroke play, but is allowed in match play. Other players may grant a gimme and when it is taken one stroke is counted. The shot is not actually played and so saves time with the explicit consideration that the putt would not have been missed.

In a lot of golfing equipment newer materials have replaced leather, but leather is still very much part of the game with items like gloves, shoes, golf socks and bags still utilising the elegant and durable material that is leather. It is important to care for your leather by regularly treating it and using good products to do so! The Plush range of products does just this, leaving you with nothing else to do but focus on your golf game!

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