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Restyle your Boots with Shoe Polish.

Getting tired of your old boots? Why not give them a total makeover and a new life by treating them to a Plush pamper day?

Firstly, make sure your boots are as clean as possible. Apply Plush Leather Cleaner or Plush Suede Cleaner depending on whether your boots are leather or suede. The cleaner your boots are, the more effectively our Plush Leather/Suede Renew products will work.

Treat and repair all scuff marks on your boots with the shade of Leather Renew or Plush Suede Renew that is best suited to your boots. Spray evenly and lightly from a distance of about 30 centimeters. All imperfections will disappear and your boots will look refreshed and rejuvenated!

End result? Your boots will have a new ‘lease’ on life, and you will have given your credit card some much needed breathing space!


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