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For the best boots on the sports field, try Plush Dubbin!.

adidas boots

For the best boots on the park, try Plush Dubbin! This compound of high quality waxes and natural oil is designed to waterproof leather and condition with natural oil. Perfect for keeping your sports boots and other leather equipment durable and ready for any sporting action!

Looking after your soccer or rugby boots (some helpful hints here) is necessary to ensure longevity and that you get maximum performance from your boots. Whilst comfort is not always top of mind for sportsmen, this can play an important role considering the many hours your feet must endure in the shoes.
Nourishing your boots with Plush Dubbin will help act as a waterproof coating and ensure the leather remains supple. The Dubbin will condition your treasured boots and protect it from rough wear and constantly stretching it to its limits.
Plush Dubbin is recommended for regular treatments of leather boots, but not advisable for boots made from synthetic materials. (R17.99 for 175ml)
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